Afterone OÜ, established in 2004, is an Estonian metal subcontracting company specialized in CNC-turning and milling works. Afterone is a family company whos mission is to become most advanced CNC-milling and -turning services provider in Estonia. The Company strives towards manufacturing excellence by continues improvement and its learning practices. Besides machining services Afterone developes state of art products to increase its customers production efficiency.

Afterone team is dedicated to contribute to the steady growth of company´s competence. Constant strive to the better production practices and technology have made Afterone fastly growing and successful company. We believe that productivity is never taken for granted. It’s a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.

Afterone is nominated as a Gaselle company in 2013 and 2014.

Another company in the group EQUA OÜ is specialized on conventional metal works and provides good support and synergy. The group’s team of experts has the best technologies in hand to meet the customers’ requirements and offer complete manufacturing solutions.

AFTERONE OÜ krediidireiting

Turning, CNC-milling, Keyway Preparation


Revolver Setting zero-point Automatic CNC-saw CNC-mill Thread cutting Inner keyway slotting Welding Bending sheet metal

We offer cnc-turning and –milling services. We can machine all types of steel as well as Engineering Plastics. We honor the promise to our customers to deliver components Exactly and in Exact Time. Having developed our in-house production planning system, we know that we can control every aspect of our customers needs in the best possible manner.

We work in three shifts per day. Every last minute of our machines is planned and utilized as well as controlled. That makes us reliable and cost-effective choice for our costumers.

In cooperation with our other group’s company we can offer following services:

  • Metal constructions fabrication
  • TIG, MIG and Aluminium welding
  • Sheet metal and tube cutting and bending
  • Many other conventional metal works
  • Plywood cutting and upholstering works
  • Prototyping and white label products

Machine list

CNC-turning Diameters Features
Okuma Genos L3000-e (2019) 8-150 mm Bar puller
Okuma Genos L3000-e (2019) 8-200 mm Live tooling, bar puller
Doosan LYNX 220LYC (2016) 8-300 mm Live tooling with Y-axis
Okuma LB-3000 EX MY C450 (2011) 10-300 mm Live tooling with Y-axis
Okuma ES-L8IIM (2008) 6-165 mm Servo bar feeder, live tooling
Doosan Puma 240M (2004) 8-300 mm Live tooling
Hardinge T-51 (1996) 8-300 mm Bar puller
Takisawa TS-25 (1990) 8-250 mm Bar puller

CNC-milling Capacity Features
Doosan Daewoo VC320/40 (2007) 500x400x300 mm Rotating pallet
Doosan Daewoo VC320/40 (2005) 500x400x300 mm Rotating pallet


Quality measurement 3-point inner micrometers 5s in production Measurement protocol Ready for packaging Filling requested inspection report Packaging Measurement equipment

Afterone uses in-house quality management system that ensures effient production planning, smooth orders processing and implementation as well as reliable process control. Focused process control enables the avoidance of errors in the final control. This is what makes us efficient!

Afterone has strong emphasis on customers requirements and service level, therefor we always:

  • Keep our promises
  • Respond promptly to customers inquiries and questions
  • Confirm the orders with order acknowledgement pointing out exact leadtime
  • Keep our customers informed about the production process and possible complications
  • By request include to the shipment inspection reports, material certificates and traceability documents

This is how we work and thats what makes Afterone special to us and hopefully to our customers!

Measurement equipment

Inner micrometers

3 point micrometers 6 - 125 mm
2 point micrometers 5 - 125 mm

Outer micrometers

2 point micrometers 0 – 150 mm

Outer thread gauges

Metric system M2 - M150
Inch metric number of G and R gauges

Inner thread gauges

Metric system M3 - M56
Inch metric number of G and R gauges


We always strive towards exellence in every aspect of our work. We analyse our performance and critically evaluate our decisions. We have implemented best practises from lean manufacturing methods such as 5S, Andon, Kaizen and Kanban. This enables us to achieve maximum efficiency and smooth production flow.

Karl ariva
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Karl Ariva
Head of turning department
Tel. +372 566 323 09
Ivo Kase
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Ivo Kase
Tel. +372 5813 5714
Head of milling department

Kristjan Joost
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Kristjan Joost
Chief executive officer
Tel. +372 56 224 706
Tiia Ingolfsen
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Tiia Ingolfsen
Quality manager

Janno Joost
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Janno Joost
Member of the board
Tel. +372 56 51 040
Tanel Joost
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Tanel Joost
Member of the board
Tel. +372 56 59 040

OÜ Afterone

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VAT No. EE100940125

Tel. +372 56 224 706
Fax +372 7 409 331
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